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LEP says 3Fox event is ideal way to make case for funding

Wed 12 February 2014, 1:17 pm

London Enterprise Panel (LEP) deputy chair Harvey McGrath has acknowledged a special event, organised by 3Fox International for Hounslow Council, as a model way for councils to present their case for LEP funding.

LEP deputy chair, Harvey McGrath

The event took place at Hounslow Civic Centre on 10 February. It featured the launch of the council's LEP partnership plan, updates to the borough's local economic assessment, early thinking on the forthcoming masterplan for the Golden Mile (the A4 or Great West Road) and a panel discussion of the growth agenda that included contributions from developer St Edward, local business BSkyB, the local chamber of commerce, the Greater London Authority, the London Enterprise Panel and council officials. The audience comprised more than 120 invited local businesses, established developers, prospective investors and council officers and members.

During a presentation on LEP funding and how councils can access it, McGrath concluded: "If it's not visible and it's not articulated properly, it's not going to get traction. What I've heard today is exactly what we'd encourage."

The event was organised at no cost to the council through the Great West initiative, which also involves an annual business magazine, networking events, website, quarterly newsletter and a private sector-led delegation to the global property show MIPIM in Cannes, France, each March.

"This was one of the best events we have ever been involved in," said London Borough of Hounslow chief executive Mary Harpley.

Slides from the event are available in a 75MB pdf here.

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