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Cleaning up the neighbourhood

by James Renoux-Wood Wed 3 September 2014, 1:17 pm

Hounslow Highways, the borough’s appointed highways service operator, has carried out a series of improvements in the borough, from waste management to its highways.

The Hounslow Highways environment and sustainability team

At Frampton Park, the environment and sustainability team cleared more than 60 bags-worth of rubbish from woodland, including 12 bags of recycling.

Service director Rob Gillespie said: “They did a great job and have been clearing this area of land for a few years now, despite it not being on the project network maintained by Hounslow Highways.” 

The team also targeted areas where litter and waste offences are prevalent with formal warnings and fixed penalty notices handed out to offenders.

Gillespie said:  “It is a crime to litter our streets and to illegally dump waste. A great deal of effort is made to clean up after those who carry out these crimes and they must be stopped at source. The issuing of fixed penalty notices will continue and increase until the problem of illegal behavior is under control.”

Hounslow Highways has also introduced anti-skid measures on the borough’s roads to ensure users can stop quickly in any weather conditions.

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